Insect Trap Unit

Insect Trap Unit

Item # 39710

  • Provides fast insect elimination by means of its unique translucent technology. Fast and effective 24-hour fly control for food handling areas.
  • Attracts insects with 3-15 watt UVA bulbs
  • 201 sq inches of catch area
  • Operates silently, no zap or sizzle

The Cobra fly system is unobtrusive and its attractive design allows for placement in public areas where fly control needs to be less obvious.

Translucent cover increases UV emission and greatly improves catch. Captures insects on removable adhesive trapping boards, keeping them out of sight and intact. Low voltage allows strategic placements. Easy maintenance of replacement bulbs and adhesive boards. Meets all FDA and USDA requirements for use in and around food handling facilities when used as directed.

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