TALAIRE Entrance Door Dispenser & Refills

TALAIRE Entrance Door Dispenser

TALAIRE Entrance Door Dispenser & Refills

One TALAIRE dispenser by the door and one TALAIRE restroom stall dispenser for each stall. Use a TALAIRE dispenser at the entrance door and place one TALAIRE dispenser in each stall at the odor source. The replacement system tells you when to replace both air fresheners. Layered fragrances provide unparalleled performance for the restroom at low-cost. The unique design uses airflow created by doors. The more the door moves, the more fragrance is released. Gradually releases more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols over 30 days. Creates a great first and last impression in any restroom. Lifetime guarantee on the Brain. Refills and power packs are both part of the free closed loop recycling program.

56080 TALAIRE Entrance Door Dispenser

56082 TALAIRE Restroom Stall Dispenser

56086 TALAIRE Refill - Clean Breeze

56084 TALAIRE Refill - Raspberry